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Great Day Radio is a premier online radio and podcast show. Our on-air personalities will always keep you entertained and well informed.

When it comes to music we have a wide variety of music played on our mix radio show that plays a variety of everything, smooth jazz and R&B radio, Hip-Hop radio, Rock radio, and a station dedicated for independent artist. Click around and enjoy the show! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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Podcast & Radio Shows
Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Left Socks
7/20/2024 DJ Mikey D
What if the answer to your missing left sock mystery was right under your noseā€”or rather, behind your dryer? Join us on a comical adventure as Sally and her chaotic roommate Tom
Expert Advice on Gut Health and Lifestyle Changes for Better Living
7/18/2024 DJ Mikey D
Unlock the secrets to a healthier you by tuning in to our enlightening episode "Nurturing Your Inner Ecosystem." Join DJ Tyler and health expert Shannon Foley...
The Great Avocado Heist: Unraveling the Mystery with Detective Peele Hartman and Zach
2/1/2024 Michael Anthony
What do avocados, a quirky hipster, and a hilarious detective have in common? Find out on Great Day Radio's Comedy Drop! Join Zachary James & Detective Peele Hartman as they crack the Great Avocado Heist wide open!
The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Through the Eyes of a Developer
1/20/2024 DJ Rocco
Embark on a time-traveling adventure with me, DJ Rocco, as we unravel the history and future of artificial intelligence (AI). Our episode captures the spirit of innovation from AI's inception
Empowering Women: The Rise of Concealed Gun Carry for Self-Defense
1/13/2024 DJ Tyler
In an increasingly uncertain world, personal safety and security have become major concerns for individuals and families...
Great Day Radio Top 40: Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Club Music & More
12/30/2023 Dj Mikey D
Great Day Radio playing an Amazing mix of great music, contest announcements, cool conversations, and much more...
Great Day Radio Let's Talk: Dedications, Request and Comments
12/15/2023 GinaMarie
We love taking dedications, request, and commentary from our listeners.
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