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About Us

Welcome to Great Day Radio – your endless stream of auditory bliss that transcends boundaries and brings people together with the power of music and conversation. We are a vibrant, dynamic online radio station that's passionate about delivering an eclectic mix of tunes, talk, and timeless memories directly to your digital doorstep.

Our Journey

Born from a love for radio's timeless charm and the potential of the digital age, Great Day Radio was established to revitalize the airwaves through the Internet. Our mission is simple: to craft the perfect soundscape for every moment of your day, no matter where you are in the world. From our humble beginnings as a small web-based community, we have grown into a global haven for music lovers, talk show enthusiasts, and podcast aficionados alike.

Our Music

Music is the heart of Radio Unbound. Our handpicked DJs scour the globe to bring you an unrivaled selection of tracks, spanning genres, eras, and cultures. Indie gems, chart toppers, underground beats, and golden oldies - our playlists are as diverse as our listeners. We celebrate the classics while also shining a spotlight on new, emerging artists and sounds, giving you a fresh listening experience every time you tune in.

Our Programs

Beyond music, Great Day Radio delivers a rich tapestry of content, including:

- Engaging talk shows: Dive deep into conversations that matter with our lively hosts and expert guests.
- News and commentary: Stay informed with our timely updates and in-depth analysis on local and global events.
- Comedy and entertainment: Get your daily dose of laughter and drama through our assortment of entertaining segments.
- Interactive segments: Become part of our community with call-in discussions, interviews, and live events.

Our Community

Community is the cornerstone of Great Day Radio. We are more than just a radio station; we are a gathering place for like-minded individuals. Listeners from across the world connect through our chatrooms, forums, and social media platforms, sharing their love for music and creating an ever-evolving conversation that reverberates well beyond the airwaves.

Our Commitment

At Great Day Radio, we are committed to:

- Inclusivity: Embracing a wide array of voices, cultures, and perspectives.
- Quality: Delivering high-fidelity sound and high-caliber programming around the clock.
- Innovation: Leveraging the latest technology to enhance your listening experience.
- Accessibility: Ensuring our broadcast is easy to access on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Stay Tuned and Get Involved

Tune in to Great Day Radio to discover your new favorite song, learn something new, or simply get lost in the rhythm of stories being told around the world. Connect with us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter for updates, or support us through our patron program. Your involvement makes the music play on and the conversation continue.


Target Listener Profile:

1. Age Range:
- Primary: Adults aged 25-54
- Secondary: Adults aged 55+

2. Gender Breakdown:
- Male: 55%
- Female: 45%

3. Income Level:
- Middle to upper-middle-income earners

4. Education Level:
- Some college to college graduates

5. Occupation:
- Mix of professionals, business people, and skilled workers

6. Interests:
- Music (specific to the genre(s) played on the station)
- Current events
- Local news and activities
- Community issues and involvement
- Lifestyle and personal development
- Entertainment and celebrity news

7. Geographic Location:
- Predominantly the United States (US), Canada, and the United Kingdom (UK) or local area's in or near Denver Colorado

8. Technological Proficiency:
- Comfortable with digital technology and commonly uses smartphones and computers

9. Listening Habits:
- Prefers streaming for convenience and accessibility
- Often listens while commuting, working, or during leisure time

10. Psychographics:
- Values staying informed and connected with the community
- Enjoys uplifting and positive content
- Likely to participate in events and activities promoted on the station

11. Engagement with the Station:
- Active on social media, engaging with the station's profiles and posts
- Participates in contests and calls to action
- May provide feedback and suggestions to the station

12. Preferred Content:
- Music playlists
- Talk shows and interviews
- Live online radio shows with interactive segments



Our business hour are from 8:00 AM Until 5:00 PM M-F. We do not take music request on our phoneline listed below. If you have a music or dedication Click Here

  • 303-260-6454

Contact Us On-Line

Mailing and Street Address

  • We are located at: Great Day Radio, 600 17th Street, Suite 2897. Denver, CO 80202
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