1/13/2024  DJ Tyler

When personal trauma morphs into a crusade for empowerment, the story is both gripping and transformative. That's exactly the journey of Sonya Edwards, our spotlight guest on the show, who takes us through her evolution from a victim of violence to a beacon of strength in the world of concealed carry and home defense. As a seasoned gun expert and instructor from Aurora, Colorado, Sonya doesn't just teach the mechanics of gun safety; she embeds the profound importance of personal protection into the hearts of her students, sharing the critical aftermath of violent encounters with a raw and educational fervor.

The episode is a testament to resilience and the burgeoning movement of women claiming their right to self-defense. With Sonya at the helm, we explore the burgeoning trend of concealed carry among women, unraveling societal shifts that are forging a path for women to stand firm on the front lines of their safety. This conversation isn't just about statistics or policies; it's a deeply personal narrative that resonates with the collective experience of those seeking to take control of their personal safety in an unpredictable world. Tune in for an episode that doesn't just inform, but inspires action and a profound understanding of one's right to self-protect.

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