1/6/2024  Michael Anthony

Embarking on a new year often comes with a litany of resolutions that fizzle out before February even hits. But not this time! Join us as we dissect the art of sticking to your New Year goals with a treasure trove of practical tips and a sprinkle of wisdom from caller experiences. Whether you are looking to manage the aftermath of holiday feasts or jumpstart your own business, we have got you covered with a mix of encouragement, a downloadable workbook, and insider knowledge on how our merchandise store, featuring exclusive apparel, operates effortlessly thanks to Sellfy and Printfy

From spinning tracks to entrepreneurial tracks, my transformation from a Bay Area radio DJ to a mobile disc jockey mogul wasn't just a change of pace—it was a masterclass in adaptation and networking. In sharing my story, you'll glean insights on crafting a strategic business plan that sings in harmony with your aspirations, whether that's dropping pounds or building financial empires. We are not just talking about dreams; we're handing you the toolkit to make them happen, complete with a workbook and expanded audio content, all available in our merchandise store. So, tune in and tune up your life, one resolution at a time.

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Welcome back. This is Michael Anthony, and I want to thank you for staying locked into Great Day Radio's Money Talk podcast For this short episode. We're going to talk about New Year resolutions and why so many either fail or succeed their expectations. I have a couple of callers that was so kind to leave their thoughts on our let's Talk section of our website. Our first caller is Axel from Davenport, iowa.

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Hi, this Axel from Davenport, Iowa. My 2024 New Year resolution is to lose weight. I had a recent scare in 2023 and almost lost my life because my inability to stay on a course to shed the needed pounds. Any suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. By the way, I love your show. You have a great podcast and love your voice.

Speaker 4: 3:43

Hi, this is Emily and I am from Denver, colorado. First, you rock, michael. When you told me you podcast, I have to admit I was not a believer in the level for which you provide information that helps people. Okay, so my new year resolution for 2024 is to lose weight. This has been a failed attempt for like forever. No, seriously, I have been making these promises to myself every beginning of the year and either I go over the weight when I make that promise or stay at the same level I was when I made that promise. The other new year resolution is to become fully self-employed and not be locked into the same mentality that I have to work for a boss that, quite frankly, does not care a rat's ass about me, or rather I succeed or not. I have learned that during the pandemic that the only investor in me is me myself and I. I loved your podcast about making passive income. It gave me some great ideas and helped me vision what it is I want to do in my future plans.

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Thank you, axel and Emily. I appreciate your comments. Emily, it was great connecting with you. Glad you're on board to our podcast and radio program. On my top list, weight loss is the most made resolution plans that is mentioned. Emily and Axel both mentioned their plans to lose weight. Don't feel bad if you have, in fact, nearly all New Year's fitness resolutions to get in great shape get abandoned not long after they are begun. I should know I've certainly been there and experienced the same sense of let down myself. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Follow the ideas in this podcast episode and take action to implement them, and this can be the year that sees a new you. I will post a link in the description of this podcast that will go further in scope and detail so you can not only listen to the expanded discussion but also provide a workbook to take action towards your goal of losing weight. You can visit GreatDayRadio.net to download the workbook and extended discussion. Okay, emily and Axel, the following are a few brief tips and tricks to get you on the right path of to staying fit. Since this is a podcast, I will not go into complete details, but encourage you to download our expanded podcast and workbook at greatdayradionet. The holidays need to be treated with respect if we hope to not torpedo our weight loss goals. For many people, these few weeks add up to complete diet disaster. For a quick example, did you know Americans on average gain seven pounds between Thanksgiving in November and New Year's Day? This is a terrible statistic, considering how difficult many find it to shed pounds. Wishing for a healthier way to celebrate the holidays, listen up and find out how you can still have fun without giving yourself a spare tire around the waist for Christmas. My Army drill sergeants always yelled stay hydrated. They were correct in their delivery. The more water you drink, the less calories you will eat. Staying hydrated is a sure way to not overindulge on food because of false hunger signals. Water is your calorie less health providing friend. Drink lots of it. Fill up on protein. There's no need to skip the holiday meals with friends and family. Just make sure to focus on eating protein. Think a little extra turkey or ham over potatoes and rice. More carbs with less activity are a sure way to get fat. Protein, on the other hand, is much more forgiving. Drink in moderation. Alcohol binges on New Year's Eve can really be a mess if you are drinking calorie heavy beer and mixed drinks. Drink moderately and choose less harmful options when you can. You can still have fun while not torching your physique. Believe me, amp up the cardio. Don't skip workout sessions during the holidays. Why not up the intensity instead? You will surely have the time to get your cardio in, and this can be an effective countermeasure should you stumble and overeat a bit. Even if you can only manage a half session or the gym is closed and you run at home, anything is better than doing nothing. Try adding in fast days. Yes, fasting works. Why not add in a fast day where you drink only calorie less liquids for every day where you broke your diet? This has been shown to be both safe and effective. You may even decide to give fasting a shot during your normal schedule too, if you do. Be sure to check out an intermittent fasting guide or book to get yourself caught up to speed. Have a holiday success coach. Sign up a friend, family member or significant other as your holiday success coach. Their job is keeping watch what goes on your plate and give you a scowl should you get out of hand. Also, encouraging you to work out is part of the job position. Be sure to reward them with a great Christmas gift and a drink or two on New Year's. It's not the end of the world if you put on a pound or two over the holidays. If you keep these tips in mind and apply them, the worst excesses can be avoided. This sets you up perfectly for having the best fitness year of your life. There's no better gift you can give yourself for the New Year and beyond. Okay, emily, you mentioned working for yourself full time. Certainly, you are on the right track to make that observation. Yes, you are right. Since the pandemic, many in the workforce came to a realization that you can work a regular job from the comfort of home, using technology such as Zoom and other online platforms to hold meetings, conduct sales calls, customer service tasks and much more. The other observation the workforce has learned, and still continue to learn, that the manager and or boss has a greater interest in the company and their own successes, which is why, few years after the pandemic, workers are choosing to take more interest into themselves and controlling their own future. Certainly, that is achievable. However, you have to prepare yourself to make a plan, and I don't mean think of it in your head. No, you must commit to writing it down. By doing so, it allows you to internalize it. It allows for greater clarity and visualization In your journal or notes. You will always write more, revise it and build that master plan. In a few podcast episodes I mentioned that when you strategize your plan for example, to start an online business from home you have to treat that idea as if you're going to get a brick and mortar business. You have to write down, for example, what products are you going to offer? How are you going to bring in the customers and or build a following? You have to plan how are you going to communicate with your prospects when they come to your website? The list can go on and on. A good plan is essential to your success to thrive. If you are working and want to transition out of the nine to five workflow, you're going to have to make a commitment to your action plans. Okay, here's what I want you to do. I want you to take out a notebook or your journal. I want you to write down the average eight hours you work for someone else. Now write down how much you make per hour on a daily basis. Now I want you to multiply the number of hours you work with the amount you make per hour. Now keep in mind this calculation is assuming the job you are working at is part of your household budget to support your daily living needs. So, for example, if your magic number is $250 per day, that means in your self-employed income you have to produce at minimum $250 per day. You should always add 25% to that magic number to make up for any expenses that is needed to run your business. I know the mind can play tricks on you. However, it is very achievable so long as you stay focused on your task and commitment to yourself. In my passive income podcast I pointed out some idea businesses. Again, in your writing process you would do your research on any of those ideas that appealing to you and jot it down to visualize it. You would then start your research, read up on pros, cons and read other reviews. Before I conclude this podcast episode, I will share with you how I create wealth to be fully independent. So when I was much younger I was working as a broadcaster. At that time, radio and television industry was going through some tough financial times and restructuring due to technology. In those changes I was laid off many of those jobs Over the years prior, I gained some great insight on the entertainment industry. I also was going to be a father and had to make some tough choices. Do I bounce around from city to city to be a radio DJ or do I stay committed to being a dad? I chose the obvious choice being a dad. This where I took out a pen and paper and started making my thoughts a reality. I wrote down my strengths, weaknesses and my life experiences. Since I was a well-known radio DJ in the Bay Area, I thought why not start a mobile disc jockey service? While I was mainly a club DJ, through my network of contact in the industry, I partnered with a like-minded person that was involved into the wedding industry. Long story short, because I wrote out and strategized my business ownership plans, I was very successful and never looked back at working for someone else ever. Always have your magic number in front of you, always write you plans out and always be flexible in your thinking and do what is necessary to make your dreams come true. I hope this podcast is able to help you reach your goals, whether that be losing weight or making yourself financially independent. Please download and share our podcast and radio shows to help others Again. We will have a workbook and extended audio available at our merchandise store to help you lose weight and stay focused on your financial plans. We have more great music and discussion coming up after these messages from our sponsor. Thank you for tuning in to GreatDayRadiocom.