1/20/2024  DJ Rocco

Embark on a time-traveling adventure with me, DJ Rocco, as we unravel the history and future of artificial intelligence (AI). Our episode captures the spirit of innovation from AI's inception at Dartmouth College to its astonishing resurgence with deep learning. Alongside software developer Marcus Kobalt, we delve into AI's transformative impact on business and healthcare, including its promising role in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Tune in to ride the wave of AI's evolution and glimpse what the horizon holds for this ever-expanding field.

Strap in for an insightful conversation with Marcus Kobalt, who walks us through his journey from traditional software development to the cutting edge of AI integration. Discover the profound changes AI is making in our daily lives—from the minutiae of perfect selfies to the grand scale of medical breakthroughs. This episode isn't just a peek into AI's advancements; it's a roadmap to understanding how our world is changing and the incredible potential that lies ahead. Join us and unlock the secrets of artificial intelligence's bold leap into the future.

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