5/31/2023  DJ Mikey D

This is DJ Mikey D and on my last episode on our iHeartPoscast we discussed emotional intelligence in relationship. I had the opportunity to discuss relationship with my very good friend and relationship coach Lisa and she blew me away with her new discovery she is recommending to her clients called Soulmate Sketch.

I was very much a skeptic and thought it was a gimmick until I met her friend and client who tried it and was amazed, yet scared of the results (in a good way of course).

Introducing Life & Relationship Coach Lisa Piazza

Hi, this is Lisa Piazza and I know you have Doubt, skepticism, shame, discomfort, insecurity, worry… Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s okay. I’m here to help you own your emotions. Then, let’s make a powerful choice to overcome them.

Your soulmate sketch is waiting for you! Click Here!
Soulmate Sketch has delivered psychic soulmate drawings to clients in every situation. You’re not alone.


  • Many were single and frustrated with dating apps, unsure what they were even looking for. They learned how and where they would meet their match.
  • Many were entering a new relationship, wondering if their partner was too good to be true. They learned how to recognize distractions and disguises.
  • Many were overcoming emotional trauma, looking for new hope to focus their healing. They learned that true soulmates offer abundant peace.
  • Many were confused and skeptical, doubting their ability to make decisions in love. They learned that a single sketch will bring everything into focus.
    There’s that word again – doubt.